The Haunted Museum

The Haunted Museum

The Haunted Museum, as the name suggests, houses lots of haunted items and oddities from all over the world. It was once an old cinema that was refurbished into a museum, giving it a taste of the old and eerie vibe.

The museum is open to visitors only on certain days and timings. The tour guides are friendly and keep you engaged with the daily “happenings” at the museum and show you around, giving you an essence of the history of the different objects. 

There’s a cafe that serves delicious cake and coffee, perfect for an after museum snack.

The Haunted Museum is said to have a very atmospheric vibe, not only with the doors and infrastructure, there’s something else that makes this place special and it’s only when you get there that you understand about its whereabouts.

It’s worth a visit for people who want to experience a change and have something mysterious to talk about the next day!

To know more about their events and bookings, visit - UK Ghost Hunt

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Address: 700-708 Woodborough Rd, Nottingham NG3 5GJ

Telephone: 07913 901689

Website: The Haunted Museum

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