The Arboretum

The Arboretum

The Arboretum was the first open public park in Nottingham. It’s the closest to the city centre and is home to about 800 different kinds of greens. 

A few of them have been planted in the 19th century making it a very historical and important part of the city. 

The park has about four different entrances that adds up to their main aim which was to take advantage of the landscape setting whilst providing an interlinking network of walkways and socialising areas. 

The Arboretum has loads of events going on through the year, The Green Festival being one of the most famous ones. There’s a local cafe on-site that provides refreshments to its visitors. 

Their aim was to make this space an interactive, yet relaxing area and therefore they have a number of events that go on through the week.

To check out what’s going on, visit their website -

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