The Lace Market and Hockley

The Lace Market and Hockley

Hockley and The Lace Market are the oldest areas in the city. It makes up the creative quarter of the city and each exhibit their own charm and character. In 2019, they merge with independent culture and reveal the true spirit of the city. 

The area is hip, happening and groovy. The once red brick warehouses and factories are now home to creative businesses, funky bars and a great selection of food stalls and restaurants. 

Hockley has a bohemian charm and its buzzing day and night with its quirky businesses. It has vintage clothing stores, second - hand novels and bookstores, stylish hair salons and tattoo studios. 

The entire neighborhood comes to life during carnivals and festivals like Pride and their own multi-venue music festival, The Hockley Hustle. 

The world’s leading independent cinema, the Broadway is in the area as well. 

BOOK a night at the Nottingham Mercure, minutes away from the upbeat area of Hockley. 

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