Robin Hood Statue

Robin Hood Statue

The Robin Hood Statue is world famous and known to lots of people because of the sheer person himself, The Robin Hood and his merry men. 

The statue is cast in eight pieces of half-inch thick bronze, which is made to last around 6000 years. Its 7ft tall and surrounded by small studies of Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan a Dale and Will Scarlett. 

In his own peculiar style, he stands outside the Nottingham Castle, the arrow aiming at the gatehouse and the establishment within. There have been a million celebrities and well known individuals clicking pictures with the famous Robin Hood. 

It was unveiled by the Duchess of Portland in 1952. 

Along with the statue being clicked with lots of celebrities, it has also been an apt location for a number of celebrity photoshoots, television links, newspaper and magazine covers. 

Definitely hard to ignore, The Robin Hood Statue is a must-see! 

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Address: Robin Hood statue, Castle Place, Nottingham, Notts, NG1 6EL

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