Brewdog Nottingham

Brewdog Nottingham

The Brewdog opened in 2012 and the part that makes this pub different from the others is that it was built in an abandoned, hundred year old factory with exposed brickwork, dark-wood floors and ornate industrialism that blends in with the city’s vibe and aesthetics. 

With over eighteen progressive draught beers and a hundred bottle offerings, this pub is the perfect hop in den! The Brewdog Punk IPA and the Brewdog Deadpony are just few of their brews that you have to try.

The fresh and sparkling spirits that they serve is what they’re known for along with the food that they serve. The snacks are abundant and their pies are as good and fresh as you’d expect them to be.

The staff are friendly and welcoming and the environment is cozy and comfortable, making this place a must visit on your trip to Nottingham.

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