Gogol Bordello and Lucky Chops at Rock City

Gogol Bordello and Lucky Chops at Rock City

On Saturday the 16th of December, get ready for a double dose of great entertainment in the form of Gogol Bordello and Lucky Chops.

Gogol Bordello genre is best classified as gypsy punk – if it can be classified at all. Although it is not the most mainstream of genres, the band’s gypsy influenced music is still popular, having released four popular albums, and holding multiple gigs. Their charismatic front man, Eugene Hutz, always puts on a hell of a show, and their shows are always worth watching.

Not only will there be the opportunity to watch Gogol Bordello, but the one and only Lucky Chops will also be performing. With their high energy funk music, they are a band filled with energy and intensity. They have fans all over the globe, thanks to their dedication and hard work, and continue to perform to this day.

Watching a show with both Gogol Bordello and Lucky Chops will not leave you disappointed.

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