Movie Nights in Nottingham

Movie Nights in Nottingham

Movie Nights in Nottingham

Nottingham is a City that loves all forms of art, old and new. Movies are a huge part of life, whether it’s your first Disney movie as a kid or the first Tarantino film you see as an adult. Some films over the years develop what is known as a ‘cult following’ whereby fans of certain films identify with the film so much that they personify themselves in line with the characters of a film. Some films become timeless classics that people are happy to watch over and over again. A couple of quirky companies in the City have noticed that this phenomena is being overlooked and have decided to do something about it by hosting movie nights in Nottingham and monthly film-clubs for classic movies.

Movie Club at The Embankment

The Embankment is a venue that is owned and run by Castle Rock Brewery, one of the best independent breweries in the region. Every week they show classic films, spanning multiple genres. The real enticing part of this film club in Nottingham is that each month the brewery curate a special menu that caters specifically to the genre of the film being shown that night.

There are two films that are shown at each event. So far there have only been the first two weeks announcements for this month for film screenings and they are as follows:

Friday 10th February – Frank Darabont Night: The Shawshank Redemption (6pm) and The Green Mile (8:30pm)

Friday 17th February – Richard Linklater Night: Dazed and Confused (6pm) and A Scanner Darkly (8:30pm)

All movie night events in Nottingham are free to attend but booking in advance is highly recommended.

Bad Movie Club at Annie's Burger Shack

Annie’s Burger Shack wanted to do something a bit different when they initially thought of the idea to start a movie club in Nottingham, the premise being that most film clubs only tend to show ‘good movies’ but no-one was ever willing to show ‘bad movies’ and so the Bad Movie Club was born! The club is specifically designed for people who want to turn up to the venue and watch a trash film with like-minded individuals who love an awful film. Whichever kind of spectator you are there is a place for you at the Bad Movie Club; whether you’re a ‘scream at the screen’ type of viewer or a ‘sit at the back in silence’ viewer you’re more than welcome here.

This month’s Valentines special is Flash Gordon & The Masters of the Universe.

If you’re planning on spending movie nights in Nottingham this February then we highly recommend attending one of the film club nights with your friends or family.

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