Nosferatu at Nottingham Contemporary

Nosferatu at Nottingham Contemporary

Since opening, Nottingham Contemporary has always been innovative when it comes to exhibitions, events, workshops and performances. Next year on Saturday 14th January 2023 they are all set up to do it again, this year with a showing of F.W. Murnau’s version of Nosferatu.

One interesting feature that Nottingham Contemporary runs is seasonal themes when showing films in the venue, this season the focal point is based on the psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s concept of “the shadow”. The films span the last century and are deliberately handpicked because they ignite the ignored and repressed sections of our collective unconscious.

Nosferatu is the classic tale of estate agent Thomas Hutter, who is beckoned to a remote castle in Transyvania by Count Orlok, Hutter soon discovers that his host is far from human and thus begins the story. The film was created shortly after the end of World War one and has a combination of themes that is typical of German Expressionism of the time. The concept of the vampire, Nosferatu, is that he is a reflection of the darkness that we keep buried within ourselves that threatens our very existence, it is a darkness within us that needs to be brought to the light in order to survive. This timeless classic was considered extremely ground-breaking for it’s time and remains a very macabre and sinister cinematic piece of gold for all who watch it, the film is even considered one of the most influential films of the genre to this day.

Minima, who have been curating music for silent films since 2006 have perfected the art and are bringing their unique talent to Nottingham Contemporary. The instrumentation will include: drums, bass, guitar, cello, double bass, synthesisers, and dulcimer; all used to immerse the audience in a world of nightmares.

Show times of Nosferatu at Nottingham Contemporary are at 3pm and 7pm on Saturday 14th January and advanced booking is recommended.

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