Nottingham BID - #DiscoverLocal

Nottingham BID - #DiscoverLocal

NottinghamBID - #DiscoverLocal

First things first, what is a ‘BID’?

BID stands for Business Improvement Districts and they are business led partnerships that are created through a ballot process to provide services to local businesses. If utilised correctly BIDs can be a formidable tool for businesses within the BID capture area. For example, activities which allows the business community to team up with local authorities and improve the local trading environment.

Defined by the area of where the BID can operate, business rate payers in that area are all charged a tariff in addition to the business rates bill. The charge is then utilised by the board to develop various projects which help boost businesses within the BID vicinity.

The projects can be limitless in terms of offering, there is one sole requirement and that is to ensure that it must add to services provided by local authorities in the District. Improvements may include, but are not limited to, extra safety/security, cleansing and environmental measures.

Now we would like to introduce you to your local Nottingham BID.

To get a bit more of an overview of what the BID is and what it’s plans are we were lucky enough to have a chat with Mosh, the City Centre Operations Manager, who gave us this snippet of insight to Nottingham BID.

Nottingham BID is a private, not for profit company, voted in by businesses within a defined geographical area. Businesses vote to pay an additional levy which will then be put into the projects/campaigns/services the BID provide. The projects/campaigns/services are business led and funded by the levy. We had our first successful ballot in 2010 and came in for a 5-year term. In 2015 we successfully balloted for another 5-year term, and it was the same in 2020. Essentially Nottingham Bid is a funding mechanism for those businesses paying a levy.

Since 2010 we’ve provided a variety of different projects/campaigns/services as it has evolved each term. See below non exhaustive list of services, along with some of our projects/campaigns.”


Grot spot cleansing, Graffiti removal, Radio link for both daytime and night-time economy, Itsinnottingham directory listing, Medical kits, First Aid training, Carbon Literacy training, Street Pastors, Business Liaison Officers, Taxi Marshalls, Building Bridges Braking Barriers -Support group for youths in the city centre.


Safety of Women at Night-training and safe space pledge, Purple Flag-accreditation for a safe city to go out in, Best Bar None, Big Lunch, Ale trail, Halloween, Pride, Light Night, Christmas campaign, Halloween trail, Ay-up market, Student night, 6 defibrillators around the city centre, Various networking sessions.

There’s no denying that this extensive list is nothing short of, not only being, extremely vast but very impressive. It’s not hard to see why Nottingham is considered to have an established Business Improvement District.

One apparent difference which has been a welcome sight are the services that have been extended thanks to the BID, cleaner streets, street pastors and support groups for young people are just a few services that have really made the city of Nottingham a better place to live.

This year alone the celebrations for events like pride drew over 15,000 people to the march in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, giving the local community a chance to celebrate whilst also giving 50 local businesses a chance to promote themselves with the help of the celebration. The most recent event that has taken place that Nottingham BID supported was Hockley Hustle, which is a huge event that not only raises money for five charities but then also gives a platform for local independent businesses to truly show what the spirit of Nottingham is.

In this year’s business plan Nottingham BID has made four key points towards how they will improve the District in which it resides.

Promoted City

Through innovative and creative projects, initiatives and activities Nottingham BID will be at the forefront of recovery for the city. The intention is to make sure that Nottingham becomes a city of experiences and excitement, not only for locals but for anyone visiting and beyond. They want to make sure Nottingham is put on the map.

Managed City

The BID aims to build on the work achieved throughout the tough times of 2019 to improve the city centre experience for everyone. They plan on implementing these changes by maintaining the management of services such as: Street ambassadors, Street Pastors and Cleaning. Making sure the city maintains attributes like Purple Flag status and ensuring it keeps it’s Environment and Sustainability initiatives up to date to keep the city greener.

Working City

In the latest business plan the BID states that they intend to continue working side-by-side with Nottingham’s office sector to certify that wellness and connectivity are preserved within the working sectors and that whilst working in Nottingham that employees and employers alike benefit from a platform that has been created to promote an exciting and beneficial lifestyle.

Independent City

Independent businesses have slowly started becoming the life-blood for city’s like Nottingham and the BID understands the imperative role that this industry has created over the last decade. The economy has changed drastically over the last few years, but the BID will continue to work with and support these businesses as they have done since the BIDs inception.

These four key initiatives are just a few reasons why Nottingham BID has become such an important part of the city’s ecosystem, with continued support from the BID both international and independent businesses have been able to thrive. In addition to this, as the Business District has been able to flourish it has extended to benefit the city with previous campaigns and projects mentioned in the blog.

We were lucky enough to have a catch up with Andrew Flint, CEO of Nottingham BID to ask him a little bit about what he sees the BID to be and why he is proud to be the leading member of such a fantastic project. He had this to say.

“Nottingham Business Improvement District is committed to achieving a shared vision; to make Nottingham a destination city for shopping, socialising, leisure, and tourism, as well as a safe, healthy, and green city in which to live and work. These ambitions, which we are fully capable of achieving with our valued members and partners, drive me to take the operational and strategic decisions necessary to create a city centre which is diverse, attractive, and economically prosperous.

I am proud to work on behalf of city centre businesses in Nottingham, a city with a great deal to offer residents and visitors. Home to Premier League football’s Nottingham Forest, we can rightly boast world class sporting events, a vibrant visitor economy, a city centre shopping experience comprising national brands and small, unique independents, extensive quality hotel accommodation, and a safe, inclusive night-time economy backed by the nationally recognised Best Bar None scheme.

Our city’s history is significant; a factor which makes it a destination of choice to 75,000 students annually, we respect and celebrate our past yet have the passion to strive for a dynamic and exciting future, a future which Nottingham Business Improvement District is firmly committed to.”

Alex Flint, CEO Nottingham Business Improvement District (BID).

There’s no doubt that since 2010 when the BID won its first successful ballot that it has become an ingrained part of the city and without knowing it most people are affected in some way by the BID.

We thank Mosh and Alex for taking the time to have a sit down with us and to the whole of the BID team for all their tireless hard work that they carry out seamlessly throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about the BID then you can check out the website here: to keep up to date with all the happenings that they take part in all through our magnificent city.