Nottingham Green Festival

Nottingham Green Festival

On Sunday the 15th of September, The Nottingham Green Festival will be entering its 27th year at the beautiful location of Arboretum Park from 12pm to 6pm. In short, the festival is a place for people of all ages and stages to come together, learn and explore and try the latest techniques and activities that are environmentally friendly and socially ethical. 

Along with the activities, to make things lively and fun, the organisation run an event called the “Off Grid” where they set up two stages of free live music that are powered by solar energy and battery storage equipment. 

Not only does this initiative give light to the sustainable ways of enjoying music and gigs but it also makes us realise how we can be environmentally friendly in so many ways. 

The outdoor entertainment and activities for adults and children include workshops and stalls from craft workers, charities, artisan food producers, green businesses, vegan caterers and campaigns. Families get to experience all of this together and that in itself is a very holistic feeling.

Information on sustainable and energy saving technologies, transport and information are provided throughout the day. When it comes to food, they’ve got a number of delicious food stalls to satisfy your taste buds and they make sure the stalls operate with minimal or no plastic.

The turn out is extensive each year and in 2018 they estimated around 5000 people that attended the festival. 

The free stall at the venue are made to use returnable mugs, plastic bottles are banned and an efficient sustainable way is used by everyone. They feel like the relaxed atmosphere at the festival is what will educate and attract people to understand more about how we can use alternate methods for our day to day activities. 

The local community is obviously a part of this festival but the organisers are trying to get professors, students from Nottingham universities to come and speak about climate change and the ill effects of plastic, non renewable energy and even inform alternate and easy methods that the people and communities can use.

To know more about the event, visit their website - Nottingham Green Fest

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