Work from Hotel in Nottingham

Work from Hotel in Nottingham

‘Work from Hotel in Nottingham’ is an exciting new concept being offered by the Mercure Nottingham City Centre George Hotel, allowing workers to leave the wobbly desks and bad chairs of their homes and come and take advantage of fantastic boutique 4-star hotel facilities, all lying empty thanks to the coronavirus pandemic’s devastating effect on hospitality industry.

It is truly heart-breaking, the impact that coronavirus has had on the Nottingham hospitality market but, thanks to recent developments in vaccine technology, we are confident that we will see a strong return to the old ways in a few months’ time. In the meantime, we have thousands of office workers desperately struggling to work from home when, just around the corner, they've got the Covid-19 safe Mercure Nottingham City Centre Boutique Hotel yearning for them to come and enjoy its facilities like boutique rooms, high-speed WiFi, 24-hour gym, work desks and chairs.

Booking our work from hotel day use packages couldn't be easier: Simply go onto our website and select the time you want to arrive and the time you want to depart. – It's as simple as that and don't worry if you don't arrive exactly at that time or leave at exactly that time, these are just rough estimates of your arrival and departure so we can make sure everything's ready for you when you stay with us. Do you want to stay for 2 hours, 4 hours, half a day or even overnight? The choice is yours with our super flexible hotel booking engine and, if you do change your mind anytime, our cancellation policies are more flexible than they've ever been.

Work from Hotel in Nottingham is perfect for all types of business person from the aspiring entrepreneur setting up their own business, to the seasoned corporate traveller from a multinational company who regularly travels in and out of Nottingham. All can benefit from excellent facilities and amenities such as free high-speed Wi-Fi, barista-style coffee, air conditioning, 24-hour gym and dedicated room service serving a menu of delicious items from cocktails to burgers. Essentially, an incredible 4-star boutique hotel experience is just waiting for you to take advantage of it at prices as low as £33.

Unfortunately the times of office get-togethers, meetings face-to-face and other opportunities to share ideas have all but disappeared to be replaced by Zoom calls with bad connections and long distance phone calls. Our Work from Hotel in Nottingham packages allow you to get a bit of that collaborative atmosphere back in your life to help you get inspired and innovate your business and take things to the next level.

We hope we can welcome you to work from hotel in Nottingham soon!

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